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Virginia Laurie

Virginia Laurie is an English major at Washington and Lee University whose work has been published/is forthcoming in Apricity, LandLocked, Phantom Kangaroo, Cathexis Northwest Press and more.

September Litany

I’m half a bottle of pink Moscato in
and my period smells like calamari
and the cat’s eyes are like headlights
on the Juliet balcony

I want wisdom to know things
like how long to reheat leftovers
and when to make confessions
and when to nurse my secrets
like Brandy and Benedictine

I’m a little tipsy Can you tell?
That’s another thing I don’t understand
How people can be mean drunks
When I am drunk all I want is to make

sure my cat does not have anxiety
All I want is someone to remember
my favorite shade of blue and kiss
My monster is my loneliness

and the way it shutters my body
to the light The danger is in going
too soft too soon like fruit on the tree
I never want to hurt anybody just

learn things like how to stop wanting
things I cannot have How to start by
stopping wanting for myself
I want sun to hit people’s faces

like bright lemons their cheeks
I want my cat to be happy and know
he makes me happy I want my friends
to smile and to cut them fruit